Welcome to my trading post! My real name is Rachel (ilmariel) and you can find all of my tcgs that I'm currently playing at left or above. If you'd like to trade, you can use the tradeform (see in the menu link). If you decide to join any of the game linked here, please put ilmariel as your referer. For general questions, please send me an email. "Treasure" is a part of my domain, ilmariel.net.

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2014-09-10: I joined Charm!

2014-08-28: I have a membercard from Folklore tcg. Also, I joinned 1 Up.

2014-08-13: I decided to join Crystalline! Think to join others TCG!

2014-08-09: Joined Folklore! Updated some pages of my site. To see credits, go to about section. If you see errors, please send me an email at ilmariel[at]yahoo[dot]ca

2014-08-07: I'm back to the world of TCG! Since the last time I played, 3 years ago, I finished my studies and now I'm searching for a job. As you see, my site is not finish because I joined only one TCG for the moment. But I planned to add more in the next days.